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Unveils Lost Ark Roadmap Part 2

Rédigé le Mardi 7 Mai 2024 à 13:07 |

The developers of Lost Ark have revealed their plans for the second half of this year. The news comes with exciting new quests and gears for players to check out. Click here to learn more!

Lost Ark fans can get excited as the developers of Lost Ark have revealed their plans for the game. Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have revealed the second part of the 2024 Lost Ark roadmap, brimming with exciting content for the next three months. Prepare to explore new lands, conquer challenging new raiders of the Lost Ark, and soak up the summer sun in the upcoming updates.

With the news of so much coming, players can get excited and look forward to the second half of this year. Therefore, I recommend players buy Lost Ark gold, so they won’t miss out on any new gear and items.

May: Unwinding and Gearing Up

May offers a well-deserved breather after the Thaemine Legion Raid. Players can delve into the Thaemine Epilogue story, uncovering the aftermath of the battle against the Darkness Legion Commander. For those seeking a test of skill, the Lost Ark Trial Guardian Raid - Hanuman throws a powered-up Guardian at players, demanding fast reflexes and precise execution for the fastest clear times and exclusive rewards.

Lost Ark's beloved Music Box of Memories receives an update with six heartwarming stories focusing on the lives of ordinary Arkesians. This addition complements the heroic narrative and provides a glimpse into the everyday struggles and triumphs of Arkesia's citizens.

Moreover, the month of May also brings the following for its players:

●     Conquer the quirky quests and earn unique rewards on Cruel Toy Castle Island.

●     Equip exclusive 80s and 90s anime-inspired cosmetics (Western release only).

●     Utilize nearly doubled design points and a new Structure Book for more elaborate decorations and streamlined management.

●     Contribute to the Kurzan Prelude Event – Chaos Assault by battling enemies and filling a suppression meter.

●     Utilize the newly added open chat feature in the global chat channel.

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June: A New Continent and the Rise of Kazeros

June marks a dramatic shift with the arrival of South Kurzan, a harsh and unforgiving land. Following the Chaos Assault, players investigate the surge of Chaos emanating from this region, once home to the Demon Lord Kazeros. South Kurzan offers Lost Ark new content, Rapport NPCs, achievements, titles, cards, and emotes for players with Item Level 1580 and above.

The true challenge of June arrives with the Kazeros new raider of the Lost Ark: Ladon. This eight-player new raiders of the Lost Ark, featuring two gates and novel mechanics, pits players against Ladon, the former Covetous Legion Commander. Players can face Ladon in Normal Mode (Item Level 1620) or Hard Mode (Item Level 1630).  A new mechanic, Allied Forces Skills, allows the raid leader to call upon allied NPCs for strategic support, adding a layer of tactical depth to the encounter.

Ladon is merely the first step in the fight against Kazeros. This new raider of the Lost Ark serves as a new endgame challenge alongside existing Legion Raids and Abyss Raids.

July: Summer Celebration and Beyond

After the intense battles of June, July offers a chance to relax and unwind. The Maharaka Festival arrives, inviting players to celebrate summer on a new event island. Participate in swimming races, defeat a giant rubber duck, and earn fun summer rewards and progression items.

This Lost Ark roadmap update promises a thrilling mix of content for both casual and hardcore players. With new lands to explore, challenging new raiders of the Lost Ark to conquer, and a summer event to unwind, the future of Lost Ark looks bright. Stay tuned for further details.


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