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The Top 5 Educational Shows for Kids

Rédigé le Vendredi 25 Août 2023 à 17:27 |

The screen time of kids has drastically increased. No matter how much attention you pay to and control them, they somehow find a way to stick back to the screen. Their access to unlimited content has also increased with various platforms available. 

But this is where all parents need to stay alert. Kids don't have a sense of right and wrong, and the content they consume on a daily basis could have adverse effects on them, so it is mandatory to make them watch the content which will shape their personality in a good way and also increase their knowledge and develop their interest in specific fields. 

Numerous platforms provide hundreds of incredible shows that can increase children's knowledge in a fun way. Streaming platforms exclusively produce some shows that are worth watching. 

Since then, I have started watching Hulu in France. There is no going back to it. Even parents can get bored if they are made to watch the same show repeatedly, no matter how interesting. This streaming app has a sizable library collection that provides you with the best show, which will make learning fun. 

In this blog, we have shrunk the overwhelming options for watching shows. So you don't have to worry about it. 

Sesame Street (1969)


This educational show comprises exciting muppets, including Elmo, a three-year-old cheerful red monster with a vibrant voice, contagious smile, amiable and curious to learn new things, and Bert, Ernie, The Count, Oscar, and Big Bird. Sesame Street is a preschool show, which helps children memorize and understand ABC and 123. 

It also develops the sense in kids about empathy and self-expressionism. It promotes healthy habits in kids and the importance of good friendships. An incredible show to represent culture among the kids, it has been broadcasted in over 150 countries. 

The kids who have a habit of watching this educational show have been seen performing better than those who do not watch this show, 

Magic School Bus (1994)


Magic School Bus has the title of the longest-running kid's science TV show under his belt. This amazing show has also won an Emmy Award for its incredible services promoting the love for science in young kids. 

The Magic School Bus is a story that revolves around a bus that has the ability to change its shape and turn to any size at the command of Ms.Frizzle. Then it carries the children off to have amazing adventures in space. This show is best to encourage the thirst to learn more kids. This is pretty much evident with the slogan of Ms.Frizzle “Be Adventurous!

Make Mistakes! And with that, she always encourages the kids to test their hypotheses and learn from their process, and ultimately, they will be successful in their dream one day. 

Doc McStuffins (2012)


Doc McStuffin is an animated series that portrays a 6-year-old black girl who is the doctor for her toys and stuffed pets, and she has opened up her clinic in the backyard of her playhouse. Doc McStuffins heals and treats her toys by switching the drained batteries of her toys and mending the seams. 

It is an inspirational show which gives lessons to the kids about the importance of empathy and care for others. Kindness in today's world is a forgotten art and an essential thing that we all should pay attention to as a successful person is useless if it lacks compassion.  

This whole show does wonders in promoting this cause, reminding the kids about the daily hygiene routine and helping them overcome their fears. 

Super Why! (2007)


A preschool show, which was specifically designed to assist kids to learn and read by means of interactive literature stories.  This show consists of a fairytale superhero team. Who glides into classic storybooks and use their exceptional reading powers to look for the answers to everyday preschool problems. 

This show is incredible in teaching the kids critical literary skills, including identifying letters, encoding, decoding, and spelling, enhancing their reading comprehension, and combining letters to make a word. This show is great for promoting the idea of how teamwork makes the dream work and the problem-solving enthusiasm in the energetic characters, which are the eye candy of the kids due to their vibrant and cute illustrations. 

Wild Kratts (2011)


This fascinating show is about the adventures of the animal enthusiast brothers Chris and Martin. This educational show takes out on the adventure of these zoologist brothers around the globe in their sea-turtle-shaped aircraft along with their cheerful and agile friends Aviva, Koki, and Jimmy Z.

They venture to find and study the evasive species. With every episode, they teach the children about the threats to the animals regarding their survival and enhance their knowledge about what could be done to save them. 

Each of its episodes contains clips of the real-life Kratts Brothers interacting with the animals in their natural habitat so that the kids can better understand what they have seen. 

Wrapping Up


These educational shows are not just entertainment but also a great source of learning and adapting new things and healthy habits. So, tune into it and have a blast!


Ludovic Belzamine
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